Have you been to TomCruise.com yet? You haven't?? You mean you don't want to celebrate the 27 years of filmmaking genius that is the be-nosed and be-eyebrowed Scientologist? Fair enough. Let me summarize for you: It's all about Tom Cruise. Strange music (from his films) assails your ears! His stern visage (in several photos accessible in the Gallery) reminds you that he has eyebrows and a nose! A biography, evidently written by Suri, details his career and mentions nothing of his batty personal life or bizarre cult entanglements. The best part of the site is is the Filmography section, where you can watch trailers for all of his films. (OK, maybe it's only cool to sad people like me who like old movie trailers, but it's respectably thorough and well thought out.) Oh and the introductory video! It starts with Aaron Copland music and ends with a literal salute to the fake (they're just movies!) military man. All told, the website sadly makes the possibly crazy person look a bit, well, crazy.