This one was too good to relegate to the map. Plus it's pretty long so it might show up funky. Behold: at a Tribeca Film Fest after party, we've got Rachel Dratch longing to be back on TV, Nikki "Hairspray" Blonski, Spencer Breslin, Heidi Montag and Spencer Twat trying to control who looks at them, and Ally Sheedy looking ancient. Sighting after the jump, old school Gawker Stalker style.

At the 4/30 after party for film "Harold" that premiered at Tribeca.. spoke with Rachel Dratch. So friendly. Cuter in person but still gargoyle like. She misses SNL and when I suggested she go back and host she said "Please tell Lorne that"

met Nikki Blonski, super nice. Very chubby and very short. She sat in a corner booth with her friends from home. When she introduced herself to Heidi Montag...Heidi had no idea who she was. Embarrassing.

Spencer Breslin- so short and so cute

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, ew ew ew. Heidi had awful skin covered up by pounds of foundation. The blond and overly tan couple looked ridiculously out of place. Spencer literally shooed away reporters and at one point had a PR rep ask some girls to stop starring at Heidi and they were told to go to another part of the club. The audacity! Since Spencer and Heidi hate people looking at them?! Note: They did not even see the film Harold! Pathetic.

Ally Sheedy- She has not aged well. Her body is tiny and very muscular but her face has some serious wrinkles.

Later that night at the Waverly.... Valentino, Maroon 5, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Leguizamo- Much shorter than I had thought! All in all a good night.

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