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Out of 250 surveyed companies, 87 percent report owning Apple computers. That's up from 48 percent In 2006. In BusinessWeek's story on Apple's creep into corporate cubicles, Dimension Data CIO Mark Slaga explains how Apple is gaining ground without really trying: "Steve Jobs doesn't need a sales force because he already has one: employees like the ones in my company." (Though, as it happens, Apple is looking for office space in Manhattan's Midtown, which could conceivably house salespeople.)

BusinessWeek gives Apple's iPhone and iPod much of the credit, but also blames Vista; 90 percent of office workers remain on XP. One factor BusinessWeek didn't account for: the Internet. As more of what people actually do with a computer takes place on the Web, the less it matters what type of computer users access it with. Now you know why Steve Jobs has Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the board — it's not for his personal charm. (Photo by atp_tyreseus)