We all love the "ultra-stylish" Real Housewives of New York City, don't we? Oh. The women are all horrible monsters (except Bethenny) who probably smell like calamine lotion and bitters? Fine, but the show's coming back anyway so you may as well be on it, right?. Hey New York housewives and other ladies! They want you! Just as they did with the original Orange County version of this Bravo series, the producers are adding more characters to the upcoming season. They would like to talk to you if you are "a high rolling social butterfly juggling the ups and downs of family life along with a high-powered career and a social calendar to die for?" You're rolling and being a butterfly and juggling all at the same time!! You must be ambidextrous or have several arms. Are you the goddess Shiva Kali?? LuAnn would not like that. I think goddess trumps countess. The exciting casting call lies after the jump, including the number to something ominously called the "Real Housewives Hotline." I'd really love it if one or more of you ended up on the show.