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One of the things I never figured out about the internet is why certain sites have commenters, who those commenters are, and what compels them to do what they do. It's one thing to spend your time commenting on a site that has witty, engaging repartee, like this one. But some other places are inexplicable. Like one that came to my attention today: It exists to post puppy pictures. Okay, fine, I have nothing negative to say about that, dog Nazis. But do said puppy pictures require 90 comments just today, which all sound like this actual example: "Oh baby you are such a cutie-pie. A zillion biscuits and cuddles poppet and have a wonderful life. xxxxxxxxxxx." GOD. It really challenges your ability to even continue liking puppies. Below are some more of the deep thoughts on Chloe the Labrador Retriever, today's puppy (pictured). This dog can't read, you fools!

You are so cute! You remind me of my Duke and Sunshine when they were young. Hugs and slurrpy kisses to you.

You are so so so so cute Chole. Your my number 1 dog!!!!!!!!

She is absolutely beautiful, lots & lots of belly rubs for Chloe, please.

What a pretty little girl you are Chole, and educated too...MOJO's Dad

You can tell from every photo how alert and intelligent she is! Many ahppy years to come, Ihae a 12 year old black lab :)

I love squishy little labs with their loose puppy skin!! I hope you have many many years of love and play ahead of you.

You can just see the love and devotion in her eyes. I wish you many happy years with her. Tons of cookies and belly rubs to you pretty girl

Awww...look at the puppy lips!! I just wanna kiss her and squeeze her! Have fun.

Oh my, Chloe sure captured my heart. She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! One of the prettiest Labs I've ever seen.. :) Chloe I'm giving you 11 trillion biscuits :)

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