A tipster writes:

Was parked on University Ave right east of University Cafe near Waverly, on a conference call dealing with business for my own startup company. And lo and behold, Steve Ballmer, Kevin Johnson and some other woman walked out of the building on the corner (right @ 3pm). They walked along University Ave toward El Camino Real. I worked at MSFT for 3 years before leaving to do my start up so I know it was certainly then. Lots of silence on the Yahoo deal, and perhaps they were on Facebook business unrelated... but who knows.

Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, was rumored to be meeting with Yahoo executives in Oregon. No need to go so far! He was just a few stops down 101 from Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters. But our tipster may be right about Ballmer being here on Facebook business. Kevin Johnson, one of Ballmer's companions, was president of Microsoft's Windows division and an architect of its Facebook investment. Facebook investor Accel Partners is located on University near Waverly; from there, the Microsoft team walked in the direction of Facebook's offices. Anyone know what they were up to? Drop us a line.