Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger hates the internet. Deadspin editor Will Leitch, despite also having written books (printed on paper and everything!) represents the internet, as a whole. So Bob Costas sat Will down with Bissinger (and, for some reason, Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards) so that Bissinger could yell at Will for ten minutes and call him "full of shit," among other things. Costas just kinda smugly encourages the whole mess. Will is apparently to blame for the existence of photos of Matt Leinert partying, which Costas seems to think were dug up from someone's trash. And Buzz cannot stop cursing and interrupting and shouting in his vitriolic attack on the uncouth, anti-journalistic rudeness of bloggers, an irony he apparently does not give two shits about. Will! The nicest Gawker Media editor! This, along with our hideous physical deformities, is why we don't do television. Clip attached (in case YouTube's disappears).