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In an apparent response to a crazy, shrill right wing campaign by the "Parents Television Council" to get companies to pull their ads from hip hop TV shows like Rap City, Procter&Gamble—the world's biggest advertiser—has set up a hotline for consumers to call and weigh in on whether they're offended by seeing ads for Tide detergent on 106 & Park, or whatever [AllHipHop via MultiCultClassics]. This campaign goes to the heart of the controversial question: should corporate America give money to things associated with black people?

The only positive thing about all of this is the speculation that a negative response could endanger rap mogul Jermaine Dupri's awful TAG Body Spray record label. Okay, great. But really: Why don't you go play outside for once, Parents Television Council? And while you're out there, get a life. Get back to us when you've succeeded in removing all advertising from offensive shows run by white people, too. Start with Gossip Girl, and work your way down. [UPDATE: As noted in the comments, P&G is also looking for a ruling from the public on gay kissing .]

Here's how to do your part:

Call 1-800-331-3774.

"Hello, P&G? You better fucking advertise on these shows, or I will fuck you up. Offensive content, my butt."