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While most of our knowledge regarding AA and the 12-step program comes from the druggie movies we've seen over the years (Rush, Requiem For A Dream, Herbie: Fully Loaded), we're pretty sure one of those steps is to avoid jumping into new relationships minutes after leaving rehab. But as we learned earlier this month, Kirsten Dunst's rumored fling with Ryan Gosling suggests Dunst isn't a fan of following rules. And according to today's NY Post, Dunst has some very unique and romantic ideas when it comes to taking her new man out on the town:

Sources say Dunst...has been schlepping her All Good Things co-star, Ryan Gosling, to 12-step meetings.

Swoon! Even more intriguing are Dunst's rumored grooming techniques when it comes to keeping her new guy interested, detailed after the jump.

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It seems Kirsten's stint in rehab hasn't done much to improve her longtime habit of appearing in public looking like a combination of Maggie Gyllenhaal in Sherrybaby and a skinnier version of Charlize Theron in Monster. According to another NYP source who recently saw the actress at a restaurant in New York, "She looked like crap, had greasy hair and kept wiping her nose with a Kleenex" [Ed. Note - What's wrong with Kleenex? Would they have preferred her to use her shirt sleeve?]. And as we can see in the photos above from last year, it sounds like Dunst's junkie aesthetic hasn't gone away quite yet. Perhaps the next time she drags Gosling along to another AA meeting, he might suggest adding a 13th step to her personal program: stepping into the shower.

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