Once upon a time, a junior Yalie named Aleksey Vayner sent a C.V. with a link to a hubristic, ill-advised "video resume" to a Wall Street bank. It featured him lifting weights, doing judo, and spewing truisms about the nature of success. He was mocked, but he followed his own advice: failure is simply not an option. (He wrote a self-help book.) Now he's back on the internets, "helping" us about the "latest trends in hedge funds" and "how to win a street fight." Weird: if you read his advice on winning a street fight correctly, you can also find information on how to survive, say, life in the New York media mob:

The real question is how do you survive a street fight?

Do not fight. Avoid physical confrontation at all cost... ONLY IF the fight is absolutely unavoidable, here are a few other suggestions:

* Do not say a single word. Look directly into the person's eyes while remaining as composed as possible. Take your weight slightly off your heels.

The silence alone might save you while the other guy is thinking why you are so composed, why don't you say a word, you probably know something he does not, you might be a very good fighter etc. Let the silence psyche the person out.

* Do not focus on wining the fight!

If you are focused on winning a fight, and are inexperienced, you will tense up and will not see the dirty moves that are coming your way. Your objective in the fight should be to protect yourself and to get out in the first possible window of opportunity.

We have a lot to look forward to with this blog! Also, Vayner promises to dish in the future: "A few of you also mentioned that I am not as personable in my writing as I am in real life, and that I don't write often enough. I will make sure that some entries are more personal than others."