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This whole Miley Cyrus incident, a young pop star being immodestly scandalized by Vanity Fair photos: it's so complicated! How should you feel? Who should you blame? Who is the biggest jerk in this whole sordid incident? Where should America direct its momentary outrage so that it can return to playing video games, eating snack foods, and conducting imperial conquest? Allow us to help. After the jump, a roundup of all the reaction from our most important opinion leaders to the Biggest Media Celebrity Scandal Of The Final Quarter Of April 2008. Was Rosie O'Donnell right, that we all need to lay off the heroic and intimidating Annie Leibovitz? Or is Germaine Greer, a Guardian critic, correct in predicting the beginning of Miley's existential decline? It's quite the heated argument:

  • Andrea Peyser: It was Billy Ray Cyrus' fault, the unskilled, no good father.
  • Bonnie Fuller: These Miley pictures were comparable to the statutory rape and impregnation of teenagers by a polygamist cult. That means bad.
  • Rosie O'Donnell: These pictures were beautiful. Plus Annie Liebovitz is a scary photographer who intimidates me. Get off her back, bitches.
  • Tila Tequila: OMG she is so sexy! I was like that at 15, except more of a whore.
  • Assorted Random Celebrities: Uh, you know, different people do different stuff, and stuff. I wouldn't want to judge a fellow vapid celebrity.
  • Germaine Greer: All teenagers are sluts, in reality, and Miley is no different. Leibovitz is cynical, for good reason. "It is the tragedy of Cyrus's life that she has nothing to sell but herself and she is fast approaching her sell-by date. From this time forward her price can only go down."
  • Michael Roberts: Stupid Americans can't appreciate beautiful little girls.
  • Stephen Colbert: Oh no! (sarcastically)
  • Gawker: Annie Leibovitz, you cur! [With an alternate opinion from Ryan Tate: This is nothing new]
  • Annie Leibovitz: What? I thought it was pretty.

[pic via Vanity Fair]