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Rabid New York Post attack columnist and X-ray pornographer Andrea Peyser finally weighs in today with her take on the Miley Cyrus uproar, and a breathless city exhales. She's upset! Now she has to add Miley to the list of pop stars "not welcome in my house" (you're on there too, Jamie Lynn Spears). But she reserves most of her contempt for Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus, a "one-hit wonder who lives like a leech off his billion-dollar baby." Zing! We agree the photo of the two together was a little weird. But Peyser is also mad that Billy didn't stop his teen daughter from being such a freaking idiot when she opens her mouth:

Also, Billy Ray was present when Miley gave an accompanying interview that revealed the star's awesome intellect and thoughts as deep as the Gowanus Canal. She even commented on the photo shoot. "I think it's really artsy. It wasn't in a skanky way . . . and you can't say no to Annie. She's so cute."

Guess what, monster-truck fans? Dina Lohan and Lynne Spears have company in the Parents of the Year sweepstakes.

We''ll continue to look to you for zingers in future matters of moral import, Andrea Peyser.