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Former Fox Interactive exec turned venture capitalist Ross Levinsohn only needs to finish the paperwork to become the biggest name on Microsoft's list of 10 nominees to replace Yahoo's board, TechCrunch reports and BoomTown confirms. The high-profile rubber-stamping position should suit Levinsohn's ego just fine.

We've heard Levinsohn likes to trade on his MySpace-to-News Corp. deal by "bullying around little startups, demanding special deals because he's a famous 'CEO'." Problem is, Levinsohn may have run Fox Interactive, the News Corp. company that purchased MySpace, but he never exactly wrested control of MySpace, the only Fox Interactive property that matters, away from Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. Levinsohn's attitude is known to irk the Valley's influential, particularly angel investor Ron Conway.

Still, we applaud Microsoft's selection. Joining ComVentures, now renamed Velocity Interactive Group, at the expense of two partners last December, Levinsohn neatly proved his worth in a knife fight.