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The Internet is celebrating Monday's first day of shooting on Crank 2: High Voltage the only way it really knows how: by circulating topless shots of co-star Amy Smart on location. Already knowing the plot (Jason Statham jams all over town to keep his artificial ticker above a lethal heart rate) and its general means of execution (public sex between Statham and Smart, for starters), we now have only the remaining mystery of how and exactly why Smart is bumming around the set with gaffer's tape on her nipples. After the jump, we think we may have discovered the root of her modesty.

After all, this just in from The Movie Blog:

Corey Haim will have a role in Crank 2. ... [Directors Mark] Neveldine and [Brian] Taylor always provide perverse and titillating sex sequences; I wonder if we will see Haim throw his hog around. They totally showed ALL of Alyssa Milano in Pathology, and I am wondering if I will get to see another childhood role model's genitals before I die.

That would be fantastic, indeed, though the outdoorsy nature of the Crank franchise's nudity doesn't have our hopes especially high. But even a concealed Haim is better than no Haim at all, so we'll take what we can get. And Amy Smart will keep her tape with her everywhere she goes.