Um, has anyone ever studied that much for the SATs? When I took that odious exam (back when it was out of 1600 points! I don't understand this new math! what's a computer?!) I just showed up the damn day of and suffered through it. And I did OK. Not great, but good enough. Even friends who took the prep classes weren't drinking cup after cup of fancy coffee and getting massages and looking at notecards and whatnot. So, all in all, the whole conceit of last night's episode of Gossip Girl was... well, wrong. That aside, though, things happened!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Michelle Trachtenberg looking older and acting not so shittily. I mean, she wasn't good by any means, but there were a few moments of an actual character coming through. Blake Lively continued to be as bland as beautiful blond wood, though it was kinda fun to see her get drunk and do a weird Southern accent. Also fun was Georgi being wicked and slipping Serena a roofie and then later going after Dan. I have a feeling that bad things might actually happen and that Dan and Serena are going to break up, thus ending the dullest relationship on this mostly-dull show.

Also interesting: Nate and Vanessa! Greek food in Brooklyn! (?) Chace Crawford is really a beguilingly bad actor, isn't he? And his character is not written any better. When they started talking about lesbian punk muziks, he said something to the effect of "I'm surprised at how you misjudge me, Ms. Abrams." At that point a unicorn trotted by and he squealed with delight. I'm curious where their upstairs/downstairs relationship will take them. Hopefully to a fun musical montage where Vanessa dresses Nate up like Rosie Perez in White Men Can't Jump.

Blair was bitchy and Chuck helped out in his typical wicked way (and wore horrible, terrible, no good bright orange and red jackets), while Jenny met a nice gay boy (everyone on this show is a homosexual. It is a disaster) who walks dogs and goes to a fancy prep school and brings her hot dogs. (Had a good laugh about that one last night! Wine!) I might be crazy, but do you feel a little, I daresay, momentum picking up? Things might just get sort of maybe a bit exciting. What is this nefarious Georgi/S. secret? (My theory: porn.) And when is Twinky McGee going to come out? Only time will tell! In the mean time, enjoy your lesbian punk music you old queen!

What did you think?