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Google's YouTube hosts 11 Warner Bros. cartoons banned since 1968 for their racist content, New York Times reports. Google flack Ricardo Reyes told the paper it is up to users to flag offensive content and up to copyright holders to notify Google when infringing content is uploaded. "The cartoons are despicable," the NAACP's Richard McIntire told the Times. "We encourage the films' owners to maintain them as they are — that is, locked away in their vaults." But hiding the videos goes against Google's mission to organize all the world's information, including — it seems — records of our hateful past. Should the five racially offensive cartoons embedded below be so easy to share? Google never asked.

Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs

Bugs Bunny in a racist U.S. War Bonds commercial.

Little Black Sambo from 1932

Betty Boop in a banned cartoon.

Anti-Japanese war propaganda.