Ever wonder what the inspiration is behind the fashions on Gossip Girl (other than "money" and "bright enough colors to attract fourteen year olds and macaws")?? Well Vanity Fair recently interviewed the show's costumers, Eric Daman and assistant costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack, and they divulged their interests and inspirations. Kate Moss, she of the cocaine-aura, is the inspiration for messy-chic Serena, while Anna Wintour and Audrey Hepburn inform Blair's buttoned-up old New York styling. Put them together and who do Daman and Markworth-Pollack envision? New York's favorite stream of consciousness-talking socialite, Tinsley Mortimer! [VF] A choice quote from the interview after the jump.

If you put Blair and Serena together, you get Tinsley Mortimer. Tinsley's hair is always set and she always looks perfect, but she takes risks. We also incorporate Arden Wohl's downtown doyenne look—headbands, floral dresses, and chunky shoes.

As for the Gossip boys, socialite Derek Blasberg was the paradigm with his bow ties, classic squares, and sneakers. We were worried whether Middle America would get it, but then we saw a teenage boy—a fan hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast—waiting outside The Palace Hotel for hours wearing Chuck's signature J. Press scarf, so clearly people relate.