So we wrote about former White House press secretary Tony Snow's poor health the other day. And some commenters said some dickish things. That upset staunch defender of morality, public decency, and polite discourse Greg Gutfeld, who hosts a show on Fox News at 3 a.m.. So instead of his usual "aren't gay people so gay" commentary, he used his "Greg-alogue" to attack "Gawker's faceless commenters who take ghoulish glee in Snow's health." Greg Gutfeld, you see, would really like us to write about him, again, and he'd like you guys to comment on it, so that he can talk about it again so we run another clip and so forth until the plague comes. (It's the only way for him to create a false sense of power and achievement that's missing in his marginal life.) Then they ask Kevin Sorbo if he ever goes online to see what people write about him. Has anyone ever written anything about Kevin Sorbo on the internet? Until now? Maybe there was a particularly cruel Prodigy bulletin board post about him in 1996 or something, but he sure seems angry.