This is the cover of the new New Republic. It's attached to a kinda interesting story about infighting in the Hillary Clinton campaign and how head pollster Mark Penn is a dick who is impossible to work with. But the real debate is over just how sexist this cover is. Your editor is a dude, and is therefore not always sensitive to these things. But still. Unflattering photo = sexist? Or is it the term "psychodrama"? It is unfair, yes, and mean-spirited, obviously, but... it's the New Republic. They printed the fucking Bell Curve idiots. Ok: the cover makes her look shrill and crazy, but isn't it a callback to noted shrill and crazy penis-haver Howard Dean? And aren't there similarly offensive "psychodrama" stories printed about President Bush and his daddy issues every damn month? Hell, we'll give this a 4. Now: debate! But for the love of Paglia be intelligent about it, please. We'll be watching, with an itchy banning finger. [TNR, Feministe, Jezebel]