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Word over the Defamer transom this morning suggests yet another high-profile agency move, with UTA partner Tracey Jacobs reportedly packing her bags (and clients including Johnny Depp) for the greener pastures of Endeavor. Jacobs' departure would follow that of her colleagues Nick Stevens, Sharon Sheinwold and Lisa Hallerman earlier this month, further driving rumors of a UTA merger or sell-off as the talent division melts down.

Jacobs joined UTA in 1998, bringing along Depp, Joan Cusack, Vincent D'Onofrio and filmmakers Lasse Hallstrom and Mark Pellington from her previous perch at ICM. Those names will join her at Endeavor, which bulked up considerably this month with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller (the latter leading Stevens' "comedy wheel" exodus) signing on across Wilshire Boulevard. No comment yet from Jacobs or leadership at either agency, though we presume UTA boss Jim Berkus should have an anonymous Craigslist post offering surplus office furniture online by the end of the day. Let us know if you spot it.

UPDATE: Looks like Tracey Jacobs is staying put ... for now.

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