The standard of self-incriminating over-sharing necessary to make a splash in the New York media world has risen so much in this post-Julia Allison world. So what's an aspiring fameball to do? Literally whore herself out for a good story? Well. Former New York Press sex columnist and tit-obsessive Kelly Kreth recently went to a swingers club to remind us all that she looks good naked, enjoys girl-on-girl action, and is available for freelance work. Anything to get your name out there. Proof of Kreth's commitment to becoming a media celebrity after the jump.

I quickly explained that my friend was totally into her. She nuzzled over to me. So I did what anyone would do in that situation &mdash I resorted to lesbianism.

"So would you kiss me?" I asked her.
I didn't have to wait for a verbal answer.

Pillowy lips, soft and probing tongue. I was liking this. I closed my eyes tight to ward out the mirrors and flesh.
"Now kiss him," I demanded, pointing to my friend.

We rearranged positions so my friend and LaToya could sit next to each other and further down the row I was next to Hector.

Hector took off his towel and began caressing his dick. It wasn't fully hard and was smaller than I expected. But then again, show-ers/growers,

We leaned in and kissed. Very aggressively. My head hurt this whole weekend from his massive hand in my hair pulling, like a gardener extracting weeds.

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