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We hear that friends of Randi Zuckerberg, better known as nerd chanteuse Randi Jayne, are surprising the Facebook marketer with a bachelorette party in Las Vegas this weekend. The place: the Hard Rock Hotel, where they've secured two suites. (Zuckerberg is set to wed Brent Tworetzky, an associate at Shasta Ventures, in May.) The bacchanalia's expected to last all weekend, including a dinner at Tao and a night out at Rain. Who's going?

Attendees include fellow Facebooker Meagan Marks as well as Zuckerberg's sisters. What about Julia Allison, the New York Web personality who tagged along for an '80s-themed photo shoot with Zuckerberg? She's been known to attend the opening of an email, and Zuckerberg's bachelorette is considerably more momentous. Allison's also bringing sidekick Meghan Asha Parikh, the Silicon Valley heiress, and that annoyingly vapid handbag designer whose name we forget. (Surprisingly, Allison didn't leak her own social calendar to us this time, though she confirms by IM that she's "looking forward to the adorable, ineffable, indefatigable Randi's bachelorette party.")

As for Mark, Randi's younger brother? The Facebook CEO is not invited, as he is (a) a dude and (b) no fun at parties. He is, however, going to Tworetzky's bachelor party in New York. More on that as we get the details. (If you have them, send it in.)