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James Caan and Jake Gyllenhaal are the latest casualties of David O. Russell's tastefully hands-on directing style, which this week resulted in the Caan's departure from and Gyllenhaal's apparent whimpering around the set of Russell's latest film, Nailed. As reported today, Caan walked out after "creative differences" with the tempestuous filmmaker best known for berating Lily Tomlin while shooting I Heart Huckabees (or is it for fighting George Clooney during Three Kings? It's always been too close for us to call).

But it's word of Gyllenhaal's continued lightweightedness on the South Carolina set that has us a little more concerned:

[I]t's hard to imagine someone this manly throwing a hissy-fit, but according to our source on the set of the movie Nailed, that's exactly what actor Jake Gyllenhaal did yesterday, causing the crew to shut down filming early and spend an additional day shooting at the South Carolina State House.

"He was complaining that the room was too small, complaining about the temperature, complaining about his chair," our source says. "It was like watching a two-year old have a meltdown every five minutes."

We would have thought that after Gyllenhaal's rigorous warm-up with David Fincher on Zodiac — over which his resilient co-star Mark Ruffalo famously commented "Fincher's going to eat you for breakfast" — would have been preparation enough for the Russell Marathon to come. But while we'll account for some level of gossipy exaggeration here, we really do hope an erstwhile Southern amateur can tape Russell leveling a "You're worse than fucking Lily!" accusation at his pouty leading man and the extraordinary headlock-and-slapfight skirmish sure to follow. We'd even pay money for footage of Russell chewing out his co-writer Kristin Gore (Al and Tipper's daughter) behind the scenes. This guy is loud; someone out there has to have heard something.

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