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Speed Racer doesn't have enough going for it, evidently, for Warner Bros. to sell an April 25 sneak preview in Los Angeles on its own hotly anticipated merits. And its venue partners at the ImaginAsian Theater apparently could take or leave stars Emile Hirch, Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon and others. No, what this movie really needs is a boost from one of the world's most famous international pop stars to get people interested — i.e. Rain, the Korean sensation (and Speed Racer co-star) whose profile dwarfs the WB tentpole by comparison. And with free, first-come-first-served seats, we imagine a perfectly calm crowd will be on hand to join him. Follow the jump for details about joining the riot.

if you're not in line already, reading Defamer from a dodgy wi-fi signal on South Main, odds are you'll have to fight, buy or chew your way in. But the theater is also hosting a giveaway for VIP tickets, winners of which get to melt in a sobbing, quivering heap at Rain's winged heels actually meet Rain in person (and, of course, send us a spoiler-rific review with lots of dirt about how the singer thought his best scenes were cut). Runners-up get a video game — a slap in the face if ever there was one, but we suppose it's the thought that counts. You have to register here, though, by next Tuesday, April 22. After that, you're on your own. Good luck with it.