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Rupert Murdoch's new handpicked president of FIM Audience Network, Adam Bain, has the requisite big idea to save MySpace: an ad network which lets his salespeople sell ads all over the Web, not just on MySpace and other News Corp. sites.The idea is to take what MySpace has learned about its own users and share it with publishers and advertisers, to better target ads. What behavioral insights Bain expects to garner from "thanks for the add" isn't clear. But at this point the Fox Interactive Media Audience Network remains little more than a thought bubble — and Bain left it to MySpace's top US sales exec, Bryce Emo (pictured), to deliver the news.

During a panel held yesterday at Ad:tech San Francisco, Emo, told the audience that Fox Interactive still isn't sure how it will target ads on partners' sites. "It's still in the works," Emo said. "We're probably going to use every piece of data we have to provide as well rounded and robust of a solution as possible." We love the sweet stench of such claptrap, but why didn't Emo just say "I dunno" and move on? That seems truthier.