Tina Fey is a smart woman even dumb men like. But that kind of success comes with a price. Or rather, a point: the saturation point. Doree Shafrir, once of Gawker and now of the New York Observer, asked this morning: "Just curious ... ... when the Tina Fey backlash is gonna start. Because, you know, it's inevitable. Any guesses?" The response, within a small circle of bloggers, was deafening. "It's just a matter of time" says Gabe Delahaye the ex-The Unethicist, calling her the J. Lo of comedy. But wait! A retort! "No way, Jose" says Gabe's co-blogger on Videogum, Lindsay Robertson (paraphrasing). Moms — hers specifically — have no idea who Fey is. My opinion? If Tina Fey can survive endorsing Hillary Clinton, she can survive anything. Also, there's a piece of lint in my belly button that won't come out no matter how hard I stare.