A drawing of a girl seen on the subway, posted to illustrator and Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg's blog and titled "NY girl of my dreams," resulted in the two meeting, viral-marketing love on Good Morning America, and photographed for a Reader's Digest article on Valentine's Day. Maybe Patrick and the girl, Australian and former Blackbook intern Camille, have broken up by now. Maybe they haven't. But Camille is now waitressing in the East Village, her past unbeknowst to her co-workers. Until her cover got blown last night!

"I was [a diner] last night [in the East Village], and this new waitress came up. She told us it was her first day, and she had an Australian accent, high waisted corduroys, and daisies in her hair (which was pinned up in two Austrian braids a la Lauren Conrad). My friend was like, "That girl is SO cute," and I was like, 'I think it's the Subway Girl!'"

So I asked her and she turned all red and said, "Oh, that was SUCH a long time ago."

Then the waitress next to her was like, "What do you mean, The Subway Girl," and [Camille] gave her a look like, "Ask me about it and die."

Alas, I didn't have the guts to ask if she was still with the cloying guy - you know what my mom says, "Don't fuck with the chef" - and I think that applies to the waitress too.