Yesterday I wrote about MTV's flagship reality show, The Real World, and how its cast members have become increasingly fake and showy. This prompted a wise tipster to point me toward the audition videos for the new season's (set in Hollywood, natch) waxy, belligerently dumb cast. The most outstandingly awful has to be Columbia, SC South'run belle Kimberly. She hates ugly people. And fat people! Oh, and she really hates "whores." She wants to be famous. One time, zoh mah gah it was so funny, she knocked out her two front teeth with a glass at a bar, just like that "don't drink!" PSA. On the show she professes that she'd like to be an entertainment reporter, giving us the scoop on the likes of Lindsay Lohan and friends. A noble aspiration. It's all id running wild, and a prime example of how these kids feel they must behave in order to embarrass themselves on national television. Video after the jump.