God, Ben Widdicombe—could you be any more obvious in that "blind item" in today's Daily News? Um: "Which inexplicable media star (blame www.Gawker.com for that) likes to boast that she let a certain handsome men's magazine editor, who is also much in the gossip columns, get to third base during a dinner at [downtown eatery] Balthazar?"

If it makes anyone feel better, this event probably happened sometime last year, when the two were dating.

For the uninitiated: Star talking head and unrepentant compulsive fame-seeker Julia Allison used to date Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko. We were at a party, around this time last year, in which Allison boasted about sex-bruising to our publisher Nick Denton. (That's kind of the same thing as printing it in the Daily News.

Maybe this says more about Zin's allure than Allison's alleged "sluttiness." While she's often accused of it, the fact is that looking sexually available isn't the same as actually being sexually available. In fact, she's kind of a prude! She blogged an email to ex-boyfriend, webtard Jakob Lodwick, that admitted they hadn't yet had sex, early in their relationship. She's also famous for letting rich men fly her to villas, then getting into trouble for not putting out.

But anyway: Dave! Author of a best-selling book. Man about town. Killer abs (we hear.) Finger-banger. How does he find time to edit?

Note: In case it wasn't clear, today's tip from Widdicombe is actually old gossip; Allison and Zinczenko broke up last May.