Like the Rupert Murdoch spoof video before it, this Marie Claire/"Tina Fey has a 'fecalist'" video is pretty well done. That is actually Joanna Coles, the magazine's editor, acting astonished that the funny lady and hero to many would demand that the magazine spring for the $720 to have a guy sift through Tina Fey's poop. The shaky camera work and Coles' natural delivery make you almost think it might be real, until you remember that there's no such thing as a fecalist. Apparently Fey makes a joke about such a specialist in her Marie Claire cover story interview, so I guess this is some kind of elaborate promotional thing. It's fun that Coles was game enough to play along. Maybe she looked at Lisa Love, the LA editor of Teen Vogue who appeared on The Hills quite often, and got jealous. Screen time, viral or whatever else, means you're hip! Appearing on camera is the new editing a magazine!