OK, let's just get it out of the way. Nina Garcia is in! Nina Garcia is Auf'd! She can leave the Runway! She can go to Elle! She looks like the child of Caroline Kennedy and Alf! Well, maybe the last one doesn't count. But you get my drift. Lots of people are jabbering on about Garcia, who has reportedly been yanked from her position as "fashion director" of Elle magazine, raising some uncertainty about her future as a Project Runway judge. Women's Wear Daily (this is their Watergate) says that Elle is trying to find her a phony "Editor-at-Large" masthead position, so she can stay on for the competition series' fifth and final season on Bravo (the show is moving to the Lifetime [Television for Women] network after that).

Apparently folks at Elle have wanted to get rid of the slightly bitchy (read: intelligent and assertive) Colombian for a few years now, but stayed her execution when her Project Runway gig started raising the second-tier magazine's profile. If she does stay on, though, her fake magazine job would probably only last her through the next season. Elle is only contracted to be affiliated with the show through this fifth season, and other titles have professed interest in future partnerships. And this is where the sweater unravels: Elle bolts, Lifetime accepts some bottom barrel magazine like Cat Fancy or something, and the whole thing reaches the pathetic, irrelevant depths of America's Next Top Model. [WWD]