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Over-sharey reporter George Gurley interviewed Christina Ricci for the upcoming issue of Black Book. They've got the SEXY PHOTOS of disconcertingly tiny Ms. Ricci up at their site, but you might be more interested in the Observer columnist embarrassing himself a bit, as would be his wont if he was capable of embarrassment. After the jump, Ricci, who is trying to promote some sort of movie about a speedy racer, makes the mistake of looking at Gurley's notepad.

My creepy questions I never really planned on asking her are staring me in the face. Ricci looks at my notepad, and sees this lad-mag question: "If you're with a guy, how many times a day?" I'm mortified for even writing it down.

"Oh," she says dismissively. "All men think that women who don't drink are obsessed with sex. It's a male fantasy. If you don't drink, then you must be a sex addict. Like I haven't heard that one before."

"Harmlessly predictable," she continues, noticing I've turned a shade of red even more crimson than usual. "Not predictable," she corrects politely, "but a harmlessly stereotypical belief."

Just don't stand up and run out, I beg her.

"I won't yet," she says.

And she doesn't.

Bonus—Ricci on Vincent Gallo: "He's crazy, and he's an asshole. He's not... nice."