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If the Learning Annex on Wilshire ever launches a course for cocktail waitresses looking to nab themselves a movie star, we would like to recommend Sarah Larson to teach the class. George Clooney's sand-diving arm candy is truly talented when it comes to catching the attention of impossible-to-land bachelors, and as she revealed in an interview with her hometown paper today, all it takes is a reenactment of those infamous soft-core porny photos she took. While most of us thought Larson caught Clooney's eye at his Ocean's 13 premiere, it turns out the couple may have met on the very same night Larson was snapped levitating and biting her girlfriend's butt. More words of wisdom and fairy tales come true from Sarah after the jump.

It seems that Larson and Clooney's love story actually began three or four years ago at George's birthday party in Las Vegas, where Larson says she was "with some friends. We were all dancing, taking pictures, being silly." In Larson's case, "taking pictures" and "being silly" tends to mean styling her own Penthouse spread with girl-on-girl action and plenty of You Caught Us! poses and kissy faces. But apparently that was all it took to catch Clooney's attention, and the star instructed his on-call detectives to look up her place of work and track her down. One month later he was inviting her to Italy and now, she's even met his parents. So there you have it. Dating a movie star is not as difficult as it sounds; all it takes is one eye-catching rack and one friend to feel you up in your star of choice's line of sight to launch your own fable worthy of Hans Christian Anderson.