Some people defend their online blog antics—sharing, bragging, writing, photographing—as simply a way to let their friends and family know what they're up to. Bullshit! The personal blog is a repository for personal vendettas, thinly-veiled sexual conquests, cries for help, intellectual masturbation, and career undermining. In other words, it is a rather stark portrait of your life, filled with Freudian slips. The thing is, being online every day—bloggin' as a self-promotional tool—wears down your boundaries. The things you'd thought you'd never say suddenly seem perfectly fine. Next thing you know, your blog is no longer some sort of branding mechanism. It's a place where you snap photographs of yourself sleeping. We've pointed out some of the most high-profile culprits.

Stephanie Klein

The redheaded wonder blogged up a Carrie-like storm about life and love (and her previous incarnation as an awkward teen) on Greek Tragedy. The results: a tepid book, and a 2005 profile in the NYT Styles section: "Ms. Klein, a 29-year-old art director with freckles and long red curls like Botticelli's Venus, has been blogging about the intimate details of her life, from her affinity for rainy days and grilled cheese sandwiches to her sexual escapades, including one that involved a stranger and a can of Pam cooking spray."

Julia Allison, et al.

How irritated are the Star magazine and Time Out New York dating columnist's friends/handmaidens Mary Rambin and Megan Asha right now, being reduced to "et al"? Whatever. Julia clearly pioneered the overshare, "accidentally" revealing in a Gawker Q&A session that her ex-boyfriend was bipolar. She is also guilty of the visual overshare, via her Tumblr, often involving decolletage.

Lena Chen

Newsflash! The Harvard Sex and the Ivy blogger learned the hard way that writing intimate details of your prolific campus sex life can and will have consequences! She's trying to be chaste in the overshare department these days, she told the New York Times. But she's not really succeeding, based on this recent post: "If you suffer from irrational fear of flying, it is probably not a good idea to go back on birth control, skip your period, and become a hormonal mess the same month you fly upwards of 30 hours. Yes, your nipple piercing will set off the airport metal detector. Yes, that large Greek woman did just feel you up."

Mike Cherico

He's the fired Glamour dudeblogger, let go for pissing off the ladies! Really just one lady in particular, a conquest gone wrong who went by the name Ms Smarty Shoes. It was previous overshare-y and oft-mocked Glamour blogger Alyssa Shelasky who foisted him upon us. Here's what Mike had to say: "I was over a woman's house hanging out, having a nice time, when I noticed a little something on her lip...a little something that could have been a cold sore. So what did I do, in all of my maturity and grown up-ness? I ran out of her place like a terrified little boy."

Neal Pollack

The ne plus ultra of dadbloggers (he literally wrote the book on being an "Alternadad") Pollack thought his four-year-old's precocious food preferences to be charming, resulting in riveting dialogue like, "This cheese is too boring for me."

Ronn (sic) Torossian

If we were in the medical field, we could probably diagnose the "incompetent and angry [PR] superflack" of 5WPR not as a chronic oversharer per se, but as someone with poor impulse control. Nevertheless, the results are exactly the same, since many of his gaffes are preserved, forever, in online form:

Emily Brill

We'll admit she first came to blog fame as a result of a sneak attack. But this Fifth Avenue Misfit and publishing heiress grabbed the bull by the horns with her very own blog detailing famous-for-being-young-and-rich friends and nights out at the Beatrice. Her area of expertise is the name drop: "This was Elio's. And my dad had commanded a front table perch in this longtime UES media/power elite haunt (my family/parents eat there at least once a week) since Court TV's glory days. Tonight, Ron Perelman was sitting adjacent to us (couldn't identify his female companion, but nobody attractive or immediately recognizable...:)"

Courtney Love

Courtney has had a long-ass history on the Internet. We're talking 1994 AOL shit here. There was an incredible article in Spin around that time about the culture of the messageboards devoted to her, and the role she played. These days, her outbursts are on her Myspace blog. Recent elucidations (excerpted):

"Someone posted a friend of mines phone number and says its mine this jackass Karmi, on a website that is coming down but frankly i have waaay more relevanat things to do than worry about a website with insanely inflated viewing numbers some tiny clusterfuck of annoyance that i only ever rememeber when i ( rarely ) go on the internet as i am making music films and raising a child conducting my life getting laid and tivoing suze orman- so wtf?