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Oh Ellen Page. First you send your "power lesbian" publicist into a tizzy defending your heterosexual honor, then you make a fool out of poor Jay Leno in his own house of belly laughs. Have you really moved on to shun the potty-mouthed legend that is Jane Fonda? One stripper-scripted indie hit on your resume does not entitle you to divadom quite yet. In a scathing NY Daily News blind item today, a "rising young actress" is reported to have brushed off Fonda's desire to meet her at a party with a curse-laden remark, and as our detective skills suggest after the jump, all signs point to Page as the catty star in question.

UPDATE (2:55pm): Ellen Page's "power lesbian" publicist Kelly Bush (#50 on Out Magazine's Power 50) responds! Full response after the jump.

The full item is as follows:

"Which rising young actress was informed at a recent film party that Jane Fonda wanted to meet her? 'I don't give a [bleep],' came the jaded response."

So we went ahead and researched what Jane Fonda has been up to lately, aside from dropping the C-word on morning television. And when it comes to film parties, only one event lies prominently on her recent social calendar: a New York screening of Page's film Smart People, which Page attended in one of her trademark black bores of a dress. Taking into account the item appears in a column written by a NY party-hopping columnist, plus the ease with which we can imagine Ellen not giving an eff who wants to meet her, Page is number one on our list of suspects. And while we might not necessarily wet our pants at the prospect of meeting Jane in person, we'd still make sure not to voice our opinions in the vicinity of gossip columnists. A lesson both 30 Rocks's Liz Lemon and Ellen might want to relearn.

UPDATE (2:55pm): Here's the response that came from Ellen Page's publicist, Kelly Bush:

Ellen had a lovely conversation with Jane Fonda at the "Smart People" party. Jane was telling her about the upcoming V-Day event in New Orleans. Ellen was not able to attend since she is in pre-production on her next two films. She has requested I get her more information about the work Jane and Eve Ensler are doing so she can help in some way. We have several other clients in New Orleans right now including Jennifer Hudson and Salma Hayek. I am sure it is going to be an amazing event.