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The New York Sun, the little neocon paper we glance at so you don't have to, has a provocative question: what if Absolut, instead of making ads about Mexico taking over America, made an ad about TIBET? It's as if Matt Sanchez has surreptitiously landed a job on the Sun's editorial board, a scenario which is quite possible. The paper's reasoning, as it were, goes something like this: Tibet is tiny. But the IDEA of Tibet, under the "ice of Communism," is "a vast land extending deep into what is claimed by the Chinese communist party." Also, Tibet has been in the news lately with the Olympic torch protests, and so has Absolut. Makes perfect sense!

When Absolut runs an ad showing Mexico extending into America, people tend to laugh at it precisely because it's illogical. This is because America is a place people are seeking not to escape but to get in to. But the idea of what one might as well call Absolut Tibet, even though the ad hasn't been made, is another matter altogether. Should the idea of the real Tibet, the one that lives in the mind's eye of the Tibetans, ever take hold, it would be a radically destabalizing idea for the Chinese communist regime.

This, you see, is why "so many are raising a glass in the Tibetans' honor." And that glass could be full of Absolut! Get on top of this geopolitical business opportunity before it has passed you by, Pernod Ricard corporation!