Teri Hatcher has admitted that her performance on last night's Idol Gives Back was "nerve-wracking," and we couldn't agree more. Watching the bat-faced Housewife dry hump the mic stand and hearing her attempt to carry a damaged woman tune about men and how they love to cheat was a very painful experience. Though her DH co-star James Denton is eager to remind us that Hatcher once performed in Cabaret, we're eager to remind him that the likes of Ashley Parker Angel and Joey Fatone have too. As Teri proved last night, Broadway experience does not a talented singer make.

As Hatcher tells Usmagazine.com, it was Denton and her daughter who picked out the song for her, and while we've never been huge Carrie Underwood fans, we sincerely hope the only time we ever hear this song again is on her watch. More importantly, we sincerely hope the next time we see a long-haired toothpick grinding against their mic, that toothpick will be Steven Tyler, and that mic will be wearing a scarf.