A Craigslist ad advertises our favorite Bushwick loft space, the McKibbin lofts! Those kids are always up to something, whether fighting bedbugs or fighting the police. The ad, for the 255 McKibbin (248 are the ones with bedbugs) neglects to mention the building's lame "Sausage Parties, a recent flyer for which read, "Sausage Fest testosterone and PBR fueled nights on the town with lukewarm passion and a taste for the tepid. Come to 255!" For $2150 to $3000 a month, we'd like Champagne parties! According to the building's Wikipedia page, an apartment of theirs exploded in 2005. But those problems are easily overcome with a little catchy ad copy:

As the Official McKibbin St. Shit-Talking Forum puts it, "McKibbin St. is home to painters, musicians, actors, filmmakers, dancers, clowns, magicians, comedians, Hasids, crackheads, indeed, all the best of God's children. McKibbin St. is in a constant state of flux; just as the artists ousted the indigenous peoples, so now are the yuppies and rising rents ousting those artists. We may not be able to do anything about it, but the least we can do - is talk some shit."