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A Los Angeles neighbor of American Apparel hipster-in-charge Dov Charney writes in after seeing our item about Dov's charming front yard "Fuck off" sculpture. Turns out that while he's often seen wandering around talking on the phone and scratching his balls, Dov may be letting his primary occupation, assisting young models, interfere with an equally important obligation: taking care of his poor little chihuahua, named "HedKayce." Dig it! The full email, after the jump.

Hey guys, Dov is our neighbor and that is indeed his view, but the picture seems kind of old — he has a fence now. We aren't in the Hollywood Hills, we are in Echo Park... a pungent mix of skinny jeans hipsters and old Mexicans and Thai people who hate us.

Other joys of being his neighbor? Endless supply of small boobed, wide
hipped brunettes delivering things; the time he lost his dog HedKayce,
and seeing him on the portable phone with one hand down his pants,
scratching and talking and pacing like a skinny, OCD Burt Reynolds
without the sexy appeal.

Yeah, let that HedKayce thing sink in. It was a chihuahua likely eaten
by our local coyote.

Also, he's not home much.

Dov, please write us at once to defend your dog care skills!