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In a best-of-nine match held on UCSF Mission Bay's campus, Revision3 beat Digg 5-4 to kick off San Francisco's dodgeball season. The online video network took home nerd bragging rights — and all-star free agent Kevin Rose, pictured here making a diving catch.

Revision3 Coach David Prager stated in a press conference after the game, "Digg came to play dirty, but little did they realize that we can play dirtier." In a post game interview, Digg's Kevin Rose said, "I founded both companies ... I'm going to join the Revision3 team now."

Revision3 will now have to face off against a number of unknowns in the six-team league, but coach Prager assured me that he's open to challenges from other local startups. Video of the dramatic final game after the jump.