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Apparently Lindsay Lohan had such a great time stripping down and showcasing her talents in the pages of New York Magazine that she's overly eager to display the full monty in her next role. Set to play a sex-addicted waitress in the upcoming Florence, Lohan allegedly wanted to turn a topless scene into an opportunity to disprove all the Firecrotch rumors for good. Unfortunately for Lindsay and the rest of the world, producers "nixed that idea." Adding insult to injury, the freshly rehabbed star is reportedly only making $75,000 to take her clothes off prove her acting chops in this role. So why did Lohan decide to take this part at all? As a source tells Star:

"Lindsay doesn't care that she's getting paid peanuts...She just wants to remind people that she can act and she's worth hiring."

And judging from her upcoming roles, she'll need to squeeze in as many reminders as possible. Just in case you missed it (and you most likely did), Lohan's critically panned Chapter 27 opened in limited release two weekends ago and has racked up a whopping $32,000 at the box office so far. Oops. Next on Lohan's plate is her role as Charles Manson's right-hand woman Nancy Pitman in Manson Girls and next year's Jack Black vehicle (with David Arquette!) Ye Old Times, in which punchlines will rely on the film's renaissance fair theme. Putting aside our minimal excitement over her film career, there is one silver lining: she's working on her third album! So while additional Razzies may lie in her future, at least we'll have the pleasure of learning yet more about how sucky her childhood was through song.

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