What do we know so far about fake Yalie Akash Maharaj? First, that his ex-lover is the one who brought down his ruse. Second, that the ex in question may be Victor Cazares, thought to be a member of the secret society Skull and Bones. Third? We have a pic of the jilted Cazares (see left), and he is definitely wearing a pink bunny (or kitty?) hat. However, bunny hats and duping Ivy League universities may only be the tip of this crazy iceberg:

1. The truth might be "much more complex and sad than merely a kid sneaking into the Ivy League and vindictive gay lovers," according to Gawker commenter muskrat:

I worked with Akash for a short time will he was attending Columbia... Akashi is a full-blown sociopath who lied to everyone he encountered. While we worked together he portrayed himself as a well heeled British citizen, claimed his father used to teach at Yale etc. He lied about his age as well. Long story short, while staying with a mutual friend of ours last summer, it was discovered that he had many of his friends and co-workers social security numbers stored on his laptop, including addresses and other personal info. Oh, and apparently he is also married. To a woman."

2. He's pretty cute!

3. He won Yale's Henry H. Strong Prize in American Literature prize for his writing in the 2006-7 academic year. He also wrote this article for Yale Daily News as a "junior in [Yale's] Morse College."

First line: "The power players in Washington should have their own reality show. They know how to distort truth, and how to create scandalous episodes that inspire water-cooler conversation."

4. Columbia Sucked, Anyway: Maharaj was quoted in student newspaper the Spectator two years ago:

"'Columbia has been disappointing in almost every way," said Akash Maharaj, who transferred to Columbia from Yale at the beginning of the year. By the end of first semester, he was ready to transfer back. Since his arrival here in September, he says, pretty much everything has been going wrong. He says that the Core Curriculum is 'old-fashioned and ridiculous', the school environment is 'anonymous, and, though he loves New York City, he gets to do things around the city 'only around once every two weeks, anyway.'"

5. He has mental problems, and his ex-boyfriend, thought to be Victor Cazares, told on him to Yale, which eventually got him kicked out. Cazares is also probably a member of the same Skull and Bones society that counts George W. Bush and John Kerry as members. Just like you!

6. Finally, we need more info! Please send.