Jeninne Lee-St. John is half black and half Chinese (despite the WASPiest name I've ever cut-and-pasted). She's also a fan of Stuff White People Like, but she wonders if she's allowed to enjoy the popular blog that pokes fun at middle-class predominantly white yuppie culture. Way to kill the joke, Jeninne. After consulting with some people from older, funny blogs about race, she makes a list of "Stuff Mixed People Like." Promising title, terrible results.

Lee-St. John's list includes "Turning up/down their ethnicity per their surroundings" and "Filling out applications." Ha! Ha! I do suppose they have to check more than one box on certain forms!

So there we have it, TIME officially killed "Stuff White People Like." But the blog was already killing itself, with filler posts like New York Times analysis and discussion of "white problems" (which there's already a blog for, White Whine).