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You may have had your fill of ex-soldier and gay porn star-turned-conservative blogger and commentator Matt Sanchez yesterday. I certainly did; it took us three posts to explain why he thinks all Gawker contributors are gay, why gay jihadis are threatening the streets of Chelsea, and the intricacies of the Gawker-NYT-Gay Agenda. But while most of you could retire from the subject at will, I couldn't. Matt Sanchez has my email address. And he continued to send me emails—five emails—after I had already shut down for the day. His messages aren't as angry as you might expect. They're just weird, and seem like some sort of public display of willful retardation and self-delusion. It's hard to tell, really. Below, the extra Matt Sanchez emails, from 6:30-10:30 last night. No mas!

Email 1:

You gotta help me with some of the typos. I just rattled that off between two articles:

Post currently reads:

anything with term gay has

Change to:

anything with the term gay has

I do not believe all of the Gawker staff memebers are homosexuals, I am convinced there are a couple of faghags working there too.

Reply: "Ok, I'll fix your typo for you. But just because you called me a 'faghag.'"

Email 2:

I thought you were a girl, but not a fag hag.

Would you like another picture?

Email 3:

Hamilton, you should also include a link to my blog: [Redacted]

Email 4:

Are you going to tell me how many of your staff are gay? I'm afraid I can't tell by their posts, I never had a gaydar.

Email 5 (Subject: Geez):

Looks like the blogs have been popular. You may not get enough critical thought at The Gawker.