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It's one thing when Courtney Love blogs about her legal problems, but Rob Lowe? Maybe it's our Brat Pack fever or simply the fact that he's always flashing the peace sign, but we never figured Lowe as the type to air his dirty laundry online. Especially when the laundry in question involves an alleged "close and intimate relationship" with a former nanny. According to a HuffPo post by Lowe yesterday, a longtime nanny is trying to extort money from him and his wife after claiming Rob pulled a Jude Law:

"A former employee is demanding my wife Sheryl and I pay her $1.5 million by the end of the week or she will accuse us both of a vicious laundry list of false terribles."

But Lowe isn't stopping at fierce prose to set things straight; more details on the "false terribles" and hanky panky after the jump.

Lowe goes on to print text messages from the nanny detailing her gushy "I Quit" notice to Lowe's wife Sheryl, in which she states "I have nothing bad 2 say about your family." Not according to Lowe, who says she is claiming Lowe "sexually harrassed" her and hoped he would divorce the "abusive" Sheryl. And while this 26-page accusation certainly deserves center stage, Lowe's lawyer has two other juicy suits to deal with: one against a former chef who Lowe says had sex in his bed and stole medicine from the cabinets, and yet a third suit against another nanny who is accused of spreading crazy lies about the couple and talking dirty in front of the kids. After all this grumbling, we're wondering if Lowe should put the past behind him and simply start hiring his staff through a different employment agency.

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