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We didn't want to just let conservative blogger and gay porn veteran Matt Sanchez's unprovoked gay-cusations against all of Gawkerdom sit out in the blogosphere with no explanation. So we emailed him to get some clarity on his position. His first response to us: "The gawking subtleties of propaganda. The beleaguered gay activist is so sensitive and marginalized, that the only way to feel normal is to call everyone else defective. Can there be any wonder why a social subset with a life expectancy 20 years less than the majority of Americans is so bitterly suicidal?" Ha, WHAT? We didn't give up on understanding his subtle philosophy, though; we pressed him for the basis of his gay obsession. And he sent us not only a new picture of himself (pictured!) but these deeper thoughts on "gay jihadis" like YOU:

Email #2:

Use a recent picture, that one is 3 years old.

Why don't you do a real interview instead of drive-by smear job?

Ok, done!


did, I miss something? Is The Gawker a gay site?

Hmm, I just feel like we're not really connecting here. Can you EXPLAIN yourself?

Email #4:


Questions: Since when is national sovereignty and the controversy surrounding the Absolut ad a "gay issue" [Ed. note: I did not ask this question, but whatever]

Answer: Since, gay jihadis who would complain about strollers invading Chelsea feel far more threatened by anyone who disagrees with the rainbow colored multi-cultural mental disorder. If you think Mexico City would allow two dudes to get married if politicians wearing sombreros repossessed the Southwest, than you probably believe that a woman who has an operation to look like a man, is still a man when the woman is expecting her first baby.

Okay, gotcha!