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A certain right-wing blogger has a question for us, via email: "Are all of the contributors to Gawker homosexuals, because there's a level of superciliousness that must be directly tied to sexual frustration and the inability to bond with other human beings." Whoa! We'll have him know that Gawker employs a veritable handful of heterosexuals. This guy was ostensibly upset that our coverage of Absolut's pro-Mexico ad (which the company has now apologized for) was not quite xenophobic enough. But what led this Republican internet soldier to target us in our vulnerable gay spot? It's probably his own past as a gay porn star—that does have a tendency to color one's perceptions.

Our assailer, Marine Corps veteran and big cock-haver Matt Sanchez, made his name in the right-wing blogosphere by complaining last year about the terrible mistreatment he was receiving at the hands of those vicious military-hating students at Columbia, where he was an undergrad. The fawning over him by conservative media outlets died down a bit after his former career as gay porn star "Rod Majors" came out. But he says he doesn't like men anymore because gays are like Islamic jihadis, or something! Republicans are so complicated.