Moby, the beep-boop musician who unfortunately can't stop talking about himself, speaks to Salon today in that very particularly grating way that only Moby can. His formula, I'm figuring out, is to vigorously agree with every insult you throw his way, then go off on tangents about how, hey, he's not like all the other yuppies who act exactly how he acts, because of his revolutionary sympathies against our white male-dominated society. Then, speak much too openly about his own sexuality and personal problems. He follows this pattern today, reminiscing that "When I was DJing in the late '80s, more often than not I'd be the only white person in the club, and I found that strangely comforting." You'll surely have that gay minority child one day, Moby! So, please tell us more than we want to know about your sex life now!

New York magazine recently called you a "stealth slut." What does that mean?

More often than not, whenever gossip has been written about me, the gossip is more interesting than the reality. I know some public figures hate gossip, but personally I like it because it makes my life sound more glamorous and interesting than it really is.

A part of me wants to sort of try and sound cool and feed this myth that I'm some sort of glamorous lothario, but I was raised by women — my mother and her mother and my aunts — and as a result most of my friends have always been women. So I guess some people in the media will see me with lots of different women and assume that I'm dating all of them, and as unsexy as this might sound, they're just my friends. Of course, I'm not a saint; occasionally I go out and get drunk and go home with a stranger, but I'm not at Tommy Lee levels or anything.

My, thanks! But Moby, how to you keep up this frantic Lothario pace at your age?

Is it a little bit more difficult now that you're older, staying out late and going to clubs?

No — if anything, I go out more and stay out later now than I ever have. The only difference is, the recovery time is longer. When I was 19, going out and drinking all night, by noon the next day, you're fine. And now, the hangovers really do last 24 hours. It's almost like every hour that I'm out drinking is going to involve four hours being hung over. The ratio just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

See, as a barely functioning alcoholic, I've tried every hangover cure. I'll stumble into the deli, and they'll have some new Russian hangover medicine, or I'll read online that it's all about bananas; it's potassium. The only thing I've found that works for me is water and Xanax. You take a Xanax, you drink a lot of water, you go to sleep for six hours, and that usually helps.