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Ubiquitous, open-doored singles' site Adult Friendfinder promises "hot sex tonight!" — but for whom, with whom? A free membership lets you take a peek. To make actual contact, you have to pay up. What women pay to have no-strings-attached sex? For all the promise of local singles available, the only women I know who use AFF have pretty specifically kinky tastes, and they don't spend a lot of time perfecting their profiles (these photos? you won't find most of these women active on the site). One of my ladyfriends who enjoys licking milk from a saucer ("like a kitten!") has found a playmate on AFF. A former dominatrix friend of mine just likens her cruising the site to "shopping for men." When it comes to getting sex on demand, spending $15 on private message access to a guy rather than waiting for him to spring for dinner just seems easier.