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It took long enough, but the release date of Scarlett Johansson's highly anticipated debut album is near. The LP, titled Anywhere I Lay My Head, features album cover art of Scarlett looking like an introspective earth mother and showcases her trademark fiery red lips and oft-victimized bosom. And what are we to expect from the music itself? As People reports, her long-awaited covers of famous Tom Waits tunes will include vocals from David Bowie and one original track by Scarlett herself, which sounds like it could be promising. But we took a look back at some of her past performances to get a better sense of what Scarlett's presumably sexy vocals sound like, and aren't entirely convinced Grammys lie in her future.

The first time we remember hearing ScarJo's vocal talents was during that pink-wigged karaoke scene in Lost In Translation. And while she certainly managed to tighten a few thousand male viewers' trousers with her shimmying, the actual audio itself is, dare we say, subpar. Instead of the bold, jazzy acoustics we'd expect from such a deep-voiced actress, all we hear is a whisper-y, high-pitched whine. Then there was last year's dreadful performance at Coachella, where she sang back-up for The Jesus and Mary Chain. While we'll withold judgement until we actually hear the record, we're thinking that Scarlett's talents are probably best suited to fling-based video cameos and grinding with the Pussycat Dolls.